Any commercial website should instantly reflect the identity of the company behind it. We all know that there is only one chance to make a first impression, so it must be the right impression.   This also applies to the distinctive look and feel of your company’s website. It is the bill board of your company’s brand and the values and beliefs your company stands for.

In this context it is essential that your website follows the market trends of innovative and faster response to your website visitors/ potential customers. In an era where mobile devices are more and more becoming the entry to the web world, it is even more important to be adaptive to market trends and innovation.

Therefore a company website that is not ready to deal with all type of devices will no doubt lose visitors/potential customer to competitor companies. Websites that are designed to adapt their content format to all type of devices that try to get access to it are called Responsive websites. These websites offer all visitors the information in the format they like to see it.

If your website is one of your most important sales channels it is essential that your website is not behind on the trend. If you do not want to fall behind on your competitors your website you should seriously consider the possibility of a responsive website. With a responsive website you will be able to face competition on a level playing field.

We from Aheadd are specialized in building fully responsive websites or create enhancements on recently developed existing websites to make them responsive. With the building of new websites we use the latest technology and the “mobile first” approach promoted by Google.

If you want to increase your sales through the Web we are the experts that can help you in growing your business. A responsive website is key to achieve that.

Aheadd consultants are all experts in the proven most relevant open source software platforms like Drupal, Wordpress and Magento.

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