Aspen Horse AB is the general agent of Pavo in Sweden, supplying all retailers in the country.


Aspen Horse AB need to reduce their workload and human error as well as making it easier for the customers, enabling them to place orders, see exact order value of products and shipment, browse order history and statistics.

To further reduce human error and save a vast amount of time Aspen Horse AB needed a solution to export customer orders from the webshop and import them to their accounting software “Visma Administration”.

We decided to develop in OpenCart which is a powerful open source shopping cart system that is designed feature rich and user friendly.

Since Aspen Horse AB ships large orders to all of Sweden, we setup an advanced formula based shipping module, enabling custom shipping depending on postal number and weight, supplying their customers with the precise shipping cost that is billed by the logistics company.

We set up a cloud server hosting both the webshop and the accounting software, with a fully automated export / import function of processed orders, importing each time the accounting software is executed.