Aheadd and Wordpress

Compared with Drupal, which offers a very flexible and user friendly customized solution a WordPress solution offers more standard, out of the box functionality. As a result WordPress is faster and (in most cases) much cheaper to install which is for many projects a perfect alternative.

The content Management system of WordPress is conveniently arranged and user friendly. It is a safe environment and suitable for small and large websites. The relative simple control interface for content management and the availability of many so-called plugins to extend the functionality are distinctive features.

Important plugins are image galleries, event calendars, rating and social sharing. A very interesting plugin is the Yoast SEO module, which allows your company to analyze and optimize your content for search purposes in order to improve your offering and visibility on the Web.

Aheadd offers a wide range of WordPress solutions with the relevant themes and plugin functionality your company needs.

In the rare case that none of the over 25.000 plugins does not meet your functional requirements Aheadd specialists can make this functionality for you.

We have a long time expertise with WordPress solutions with the guarantee that building and implementation of your website is only a matter of 3-4 weeks rather than 3-4 months.      

For companies that have no objective to use their website as a major sales channel, a solution with WordPress can be an attractive alternative.

If you are looking for a quick solution with WordPress, suitable for your company’s business objectives, we invite you to contact one of our WordPress specialists.