About us

Aheadd was founded in 2003 as a small web design and development company to cater to the growing needs of the ever expanding internet. During the years Aheadd grew from a small company to an experienced web development enterprise with quality developers and designers all over the world. We still create websites at very competitive rates for startups and sole proprietors. However after years of experience we can now also cater to the more advanced wishes of internet entrepreneurs and the heavy content websites of larger companies.

Aheadd specializes in three of the most famous open source projects. Drupal for complicated webistes, Wordpress for easy maintainable websites or blogs and Magento for high quality webshops. Aheadd can however do more then that, we also have decent knowledge of Joomla Opencart and integration technologies. Due to our wide variety of expertise we are capable of delivering quality solutitions to almost all problems.

Aheadd has a special focus on mobile design. Due to the growing mobile market, more visitors and customers use Iphones, Ipads and other devices to visit the web. Expectations are that this will keep on growing. To make sure that every visitor has a rock solid experience Aheadd uses a mobile first approach for webdesign. This approach, promoted by Google, ensures that even on the smallest devices all content is delivered the way it was intended.

Not 100% convinced yet? Contact one of our consultants to so what we can do for you!