About Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management system(CMS)  and content management framework (CMF) developed in the programming language PHP and released under GPL. The platform is used to control and maintain websites and weblogs.

Drupal was originally developed as a bulletin board system by the Belgium software developer Dries Buytaert. The name is the corruption of the Dutch word druppel, which means drop in English. A simple typing error from Buytaert initiated the name Drupal. 

Since 2001 Drupal was launched as an open source project.

Nowadays the software is developed, used and supported by an active and diverse international community of people around the globe. The platform contains a large collection of pre-configured themes and add-on modules for feature-rich web sites.

Drupal can be implemented on most operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and any other platform that supports the Apache webserver. For data storage and settings a database like MySQL or PostgreSQL is required.

Drupal was rewarded three years in a row (2007-2009) with the price for “ Best Open Source PHP Content Management System” .

Explicit advantages of Drupal:

  • The fact that Drupal is used and supported by many professional developers around the world is a guarantee for continuous improvement, operational flexibility and stability. Existing modules are easily integrated to a suitable CMS solution.
  • Fast development by using one of the over 8000! available modules covering a substantial part of most functional business requirements
  • Extensive options for multi-site and multi-language
  • No licence fees as it is an open source product with free download options for everyone
  • Excellent SEO results. Drupal offers standard a large number of SEO friendly functions such as “clean URL’s”. 
  • No vendor lock-in. The Drupal community is worldwide available so there is no dependency on one supplier.
  • Perfect performance through caching optimization resulting in less reloading of pages. Moreover there are several optimization options to improve standard caching to enable handling millions of site visitors.
  • Suitable interfaces with several ERP, CRM, mailing software and Payroll systems
  • Strong support from the community facilitated by the Drupal Association
  • Easy  development of a responsive web design so that your site can be approached and read by   devices with different formats : laptop, Iphone, Ipad